Contra Costa Roofworks Inc. , doing business as Roofworks , would like to inform the property managers, construction managers and home owner board members that not only do we service all your roofing needs, we also service all General Construction needs within the association that might arise.

We have listed some of the most common issues that we have come across within this section with some pictures of work to help describe the topic at hand.

  • Roofworks can repair or replace all your Siding and Trim.
  • Roofworks can repair or replace any damaged, wet or scuffed up sheetrock with our professional Interior team.
  • Roofworks can repair or replace any of your damaged or old Doors and Windows.
  • Roofworks can repair, replace and waterproof any of your damaged or new Decks.
  • Roofworks can repair, replace or build new just about any type of Fences you might have in your association.
  • Roofworks can remove and replace any of your worst Dry Rot nightmare's you might have.
  • Roofworks Mission is simple: Provide the best possible roofing and construction service to our Property Management customers.